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My name is Kathleen Bieke, I am also known as KB. I was that kid who had her stuffed animals lined up on the shelf by size. My clothes were actually folded in the drawers and the bottom of the closet displayed my lined up shoes. Definitely not your typical 11 year old child!

Sometimes it takes years to figure out your calling and passion in life. I was fortunate to know mine at a young age. It just took awhile for the term Professional Organizer to be coined. Once I heard it everything finally made sense. And all these years later I'm still loving what I do best!  

I am a compassionate, calm, caring person. It brings me great joy to finish a home organizing session and watch my client marvel at how great their space looks. It is so rewarding! Sometimes they want to tell everyone they know and other times I am a silent partner to the changes in their home. Whatever your preference is, I respect your privacy and maintain 100 percent confidentiality.

Mission Statement:

Helping those whose lives are in disarray by clearing the clutter and creating organizing solutions to allow them to enjoy their home again.

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"We were a multi-generational mess!  Empty Nesters,  still with full-time jobs,  caring for an aging parent in hospice in our home, out-of-state post-college kids bringing things for us to keep for them every time they moved.  We had been just  "camping"  in a 2 bedroom condo for the past seven years, since we  downsized from a two story, 5 bedroom house we had lived in for 30 years ...... and we were in desperate need of an organizing overhaul for all the STUFF in our lives.

And then we found KB, who brought order to the chaos and some much needed ZEN to our lives with the added bonus of a friendship that will last for a lifetime.  

My kids were amazed when they came home for Christmas at how great the house looked. They even went through their boxes for donate, trash, or save......and took the saved Items home with them when they left!

"Organized by KB"  was the best present I ever gave myself.  Bringing order to your living space has two added benefits: it makes housekeeping easier when the organizing project is done,  and brings a Zen to your life that makes daily living more enjoyable.

KB saved my sanity:  her gift for  making organizing easy and fun , and her sweet spirit  were a much needed ministry in this  stressful time in our lives."

Mrs. S.,Thomasville

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