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I often get asked to do closets. While I can do them, I prefer to leave them to highly experienced, reliable professionals like Organize 4U.*

Kim's team is easy to work with, affordable and you will love the outcome! She also has a wide territory so tell your friends and relatives. (229) 395-2109

Tell her KB sent you! 
*While Kim organizes in her local area, she only travels to Tallahassee to measure and install closet systems

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"Kathleen was such a godsend! My fiancé and I had our first baby, moved into our new home, and were in the process of remodeling said home all within weeks of each other. Kathleen came in and helped me feel like I could breathe again in my own home and has made organizing much more manageable. We couldn’t be more grateful for her help and highly recommend her!! Thanks Kathleen!!"

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