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Modern living room with graphic throw pillows and decluttered surfaces


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"I live in California and helped my mom move from a 3-bedroom house into a studio in a retirement community. I visited twice to help her get organized – deciding what to take, what to donate, what to keep in the family. Alas, we still had not finished all the organizing that needed to be done. I hired Kathleen to help my mom when I was back in California. Kathleen was fantastic. She is really patient – she works in 3-hour chunks which was great for my mom. She has a great demeanor – she finds a way to gently ask about which items to take – which helped my mom to feel in control of her future. Kathleen is very efficient and got lots of work done at each session. She would even work by herself on cupboards that my mom did not have an opinion about. At the end of each session, Kathleen took the items to the donation site, got receipts and removed all the bags of trash.
Initially, my mom was skeptical about a professional organizer when I suggested it. But, she immediately liked Kathleen when they met. I even hired Kathleen after my mom moved into her new place to get it organized in the best way possible. My mom really looks forward to Kathleen’s visits. Kathleen enjoys her work and it shows.
I highly, highly recommend Kathleen. It is incredibly helpful to have someone that is not related (as there is no emotional baggage over what to keep and throw away) to help and advise when trying to organize a down-sizing. Plus, having a second person adds a valuable perspective to the process."

Anne, California

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