Chance to win 2 hours of professional Organizing!

Starting on January 1 I am posting a daily organizing challenge on Facebook for the next 21 days. It will be done by category and will be very simple if you are committed to the task.

Follow Organized by KB on Facebook and complete one or more of the challenges and you may win two hours of professional organizing!

The Rules:

  1. Email Before/After pictures of each challenge to (Do your best. These types of photos can be tricky but I am an easy grader!)

  2. Agree for your images to be used on the Organized by KB Facebook page.

  3. On January 22 your name will be entered in a drawing for two free hours of organizing.

  4. (You do not have to do all 21 Challenges to be eligible for the drawing.)

  5. Winner will be notified via Facebook and email.

  6. Don't live in Tallahassee or surrounding area? You can still complete the challenges and feel accomplished. You can also invite your friends to play so you can encourage each other!

  7. Good luck everyone! You can do it!


"KB and her team helped unpack our house after a flood and the subsequent restoration. They were INCREDIBLE!! A task, that surely would have taken months to complete had we done it ourselves, was finished in one day. They were energetic, efficient, and, best of all, had happy spirits. I appreciated how KB was able to take an overwhelming project and made it feel manageable and stress-free. Not only would I recommend KB, I would also hire her again. Truly a life saver!"

M.L., Quincy